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Questions & Answers on Debt Consolidation

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Q: What debt relief options are available to people like myself who are on the verge of bankruptcy?
A: You have many options, including debt consolidation and managing to pay off debt with the assistance of debt settlement or debt reduction programs.

Q: I am really not sure what I need at this point. Can I get a free first-time consultation?
A: Absolutely. Inquire HERE.

Q: Is it possible to pay off less than the full balance on my outstanding debt?
A: Most of the time lenders, including credit card companies, are will in to make a settlement for a lesser amount. In order to successfully accomplish this, it is recommended that you work with a debt relief expert.

Q: Can I apply for debt consolidation by phone?
A: Due to privacy law, we do not accept applications for debt consolidation by phone.

Q: What kinds of debts can be consolidated?
A: Student loans, credit cards, and most other financial obligations.